I like movies, tv, anime, and kpop. This idiot will always have a special place in my heart.


Frankie giving his baby sister that promo right there at the end. Also next week is officially a double eviction episode. I need Frankie to be one of the two evicted so he’s in jury for Zach’s birthday on the 9th.

Derrick saying in his goodbye message that he was trying so hard to save Donny




Honestly my favourite part about Zach’s gameplay was when he got a boner after cuddling the shit out of Frankie for an entire night that was A+ strategy I totally fell for it I was like fuck Dicaprio give him an Oscar


Frankie: “What if [Julie] is like, “we had a twitter question, but it was for Zach, so I’m going to answer it seeing as no one is tweeting any of you.”

Lol even Frankie knows how irrelevant the rest of the houseguests are.

I sent Zach home… I didn’t do that for me.
- Frankie “Torch Carrier” Grande, talking about how he put up Zach because the group wanted it, so the least Cody can do is send home Nicole. (via mentally-maladjusted)